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Plant Information Library
for Kiosks, Websites & Bed cards

   ‣ Sell more plants (& care products)
   ‣ Bring in younger customers too
   ‣ Train staff “on the job”

Your Kiosk is also a
Plant Marketing Assistant

Promotes the right plants for the time of year automatically

Ready to go, in your branding

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Plant Finder: in Kiosks / Websites

The ‘Plant Team Assistant’ that leads customers to the right plants that you stock

Bed Cards: The “Silent Salesforce”

Print on your printer, as & when needed, straight to outdoor blanks

Webshop Data: Image&Text Library

Images and text to power your online selling - WooCommerce, Shopify, Bluepark…

Nurseries & Growers Data

Add your ‘new plant’ info to our tools, to help your customers sell more plants

Plant Marketing

Our ‘Inspirations’ service automatically promotes the right plants, all year round


Link to our page of info about a plant, free to use

The ‘Plant Finder’ Kiosk

in action

– This Plant Team Assistant supports staff and customers in answering questions & finding the right plants

– Recommends appropriate Care Products for each plant

– Provides on-the-job training to staff, & covers for staff unavailability

– A modern retail experience that appeals to younger customers too

News / Media

It’s happening…

James McIntyre add Plant Info

Soft fruits supplier teams up with Joy of Plants

Taylors Bulbs add Plant Info

Taylors Bulbs team up with Joy of Plants

HTA Awards – New Plants launched

Entrants launched via Touchscreen Kiosks to retailers

Kiosks & websites to feature royal clematis and roses for Coronation

Help customers & staff find commemorative plants

Library Manager joins

Amanda Barber takes over plant data


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