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The “Plant Team Assistant”


Add to your Plant Area

Guides customers to choose plants you sell

Answers customer queries

Advertises your menus, events, offers etc when Plant Finder not in use



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  Joy of Plants Bed Cards

“A picture sells a thousand plants”

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Bed Cards

The “Silent Salesforce”


Print when you need them

Outdoor blanks (PET/PVC recyclable)

On laser and inkjet printers

Pay As You Go, or subscribe

14,000+ UK plants


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Touchscreen Kiosks & plug-in for websites
Plant Finder / Encyclopaedia
with plant care

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JOP iphone

iOS, Android & other phones & tablets
Make your staff
plant experts

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For e-commerce
& websites

Plant photos & descriptions

For labels &

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The 'Joy of Plants' database & plant image library

We have over 14,300 popular & successful outdoor and indoor UK plants published in our extensive database & image library. Our plant database includes the following types: annual, bamboo, biennial, bromeliad, bulb, cactus, carnivorous, climber, conifer, fern, fruit tree, grass, heather, orchid, palm, perennial (herbaceous), rose, shrub, soft fruit, succulent, tree, vegetable and weed.

Every year we publish new plants and update our database from garden industry and expert sources, so our information is accurate and up to date.

RHS AGM Plants Our database includes details of plants with the RHS Award of Garden Merit, so you can search for AGM plants in our Plant Finder and Apps.    




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