Plant Marketing

‘Inspirations’: Automated Plant Marketing

Your kiosk — and any other screens in the Garden Centre — can promote the right plants for the time of year, all year round, changing as appropriate.

And it’s no effort at all: the ads appear automatically, in your livery/branding. If you want, you can change anything you like, disable ads or add to them - or just leave it all to us.

On kiosks

‘Inspirations’ plant ads are usually set to appear whenever the Plant Finder is not in use.

This means our kiosks are working for you every second of the day, actively promoting the right plants on any given day, animated to catch the eye of passers-by.

Both technophiles and technophobes are catered for: each screen invites the viewer to tap a button to see the plants being referred to, or to ask staff if they prefer.

On other screens (eg “cafe screens”)

The same ads can appear on screens elsewhere, reinforcing the message seen on plant area kiosks. They’re already proving popular on cafe screens, where they “sow the seed” in the minds of a captive audience!

(On websites?)

Soon we’ll be making the system available for websites to use too - watch this space.

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