About Us


The MD of Joy of Plants is Terri Jones, a veteran of the software industry and keen gardener. Like many modern software companies, the team is diverse and distributed, with Library Management, Software Development, Design and Sales functions in the UK and beyond.

In 10 years we have grown almost entirely by word-of-mouth, with just a few appearances at trade shows. We prefer to reinvest in product development, and let our products & services do the talking.

Joy of Plants now has more than 200 retail clients, large and small, including many of the best-known Garden Centre Groups and Independent Garden Centres in the UK.

We work with many of the leading plant breeders and growers to add their new plants to our Library, to support our clients in selling their plants. We also work with leading Care Product suppliers to add their products, so that each plant in a retailer’s Plant Finder recommends the appropriate Care Products.


Our mission: more plants, successfully grown

We’re a friendly, creative and innovative company and we’re passionate about making great products that are super-easy to use. Our plant data is accurate & easy to understand, and we make it easy for the industry to add to.

Add in fantastic service and affordable prices, and that’s how we’re trying to help the plant retail industry sell lots more plants — the plants that customers want, plants they’ll grow successfully. (We’re in the background, trying to help make it happen.)

Because if together we can make plant growing seem easy, we can attract new people and grow more gardeners, and that’s part of the solution for the future of our environment and the health of our planet.

Our 16,000+ plant database has indoor and outdoor plants, including these plant types: annual, bamboo, biennial, bromeliad, bulb, cactus, carnivorous, climber, conifer, fern, fruit tree, grass, heather, orchid, palm, perennial (herbaceous), rose, shrub, soft fruit, succulent, tree, vegetable and wildflower. RHS “Award of Garden Merit” plants are indicated and can be searched for in our Plant Finder.

Development of the Joy of Plants plant information ecosystem never stops — new plants and new technologies are growing around us all the time, and we are growing with them.

…and Then

Joy of Plants was founded in 2011 by Terri Jones and Susan A. Tindall:


Terri Jones

After over 25 years in the Software industry Terri has long experience in business organisation, customer integration, product design and project management, making operating systems, apps and services for PCs, smartphones and the web.

See her LinkedIn profile for more details.

(Favourite plant: Rosa 'Madame Alfred Carriere' rose)

Susan A. Tindall

Susan started out as a database specialist and business analyst in Software, before taking up gardening full-time. She then compiled the Joy of Plants plant database — photos, descriptions and 100-field database info, for 14,000+ plants — over a period of 25 years, spending nine of those years as a professional garden designer too.

(Favourite plant: Primula vulgaris primrose)


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