>Praise< for our ‘Print your own Bed Cards’ service

“What a delight to find, an extremely sensible user-friendly means to produce clear uniform bed cards, includes everything the customer wants to know. A system clearly set up by those who love plants whilst understanding the demands and needs of small nurseries to the large plant retailers. Brilliant.”
Joanne Cull, Whinwhistle Nursery , Southampton

“When Joy of Plants approached us about their bedcard service we decided we’d give it a go, we already used their plant search service for our website so we knew they had an extensive database of plants available. The results we got were much better, almost all the plants we needed were there and they’re adding more all the time.
“The bedcards themselves are great. We opted for the default layout which features our logo prominently, good quality photos of the plants and simple and clear breakdowns of the important information customers look for such as height and spread. The tool was really simple to use and we had little issue using our existing hardware for printing bedcards and any issues we have had with either of the Joy of Plants services that we use has been resolved promptly.”
James Pennell, Pennells Garden Centre , Lincoln

“We have been using the Joy of Plants mobile app for several years to support our customers queries, so we knew that the Joy of Plants bed card tool would be the same excellent service. The new hub is really easy to set up and you can get printing straight away. The pay as you go subscription is ideal for any business, you pay for what you use. When you’re all setup and ready to go, the bed card hub is amazing and really easy to access, and the bed cards are so easy to print out. The support team are exceptionally friendly and helpful too.”
Liam Cooper, Manager, Goldenhill Garden Centre , Stoke-on-Trent

>Love< for our Plant Finder (web/kiosk)

“Ransoms Garden Centre are very happy with the plant finder function that Joy of Plants provided for our website. The function is easy to use and allows our customers to view our stock before they arrive in the shop, as well as provide additional care information before and after purchase. The plant finder is well-organized and the information is clear and concise. We also love the linked sales suggestion. We have received positive feedback from our customers about the plant finder function and we would recommend Joy of Plants to other businesses.
We would like to especially praise Joy of Plants’ Managing Director Terri for her excellent service. Terri was always responsive to our questions and concerns, and she went above and beyond to help us and our website administrators get the plant finder function up and running.”
Evita De Vos, Ransoms Garden Centre , Jersey

“We wanted to add a fully featured, easy-to-use and attractive plant finder to our new website. We contacted Joy of Plants because we were impressed with their Plant Finder on other Garden Centre sites. Installation was quick and trouble-free, they customised the Plant Finder to suit our site and also supplied us with some plant images we needed. Our new website now looks fabulous! Thank you Joy of Plants.”
Lucinda Kitching, Sussex Country Gardener , East Sussex

“We chose Joy of Plants to supply our website Plant Finder because of the breadth and quality of their plant data, and the user-friendliness of their design. We’re in the process of customising the Plant Finder and will be linking it to our online selling tools so that it becomes an integrated part of our system. We’re really impressed with it and think it will bring multiple benefits to our customers.”
Michael Ainley, Longacres Garden Centre , Surrey

“Customers feel unpressured when looking at plant details, as the screen isn’t all about the hard sell, but instead gives useful and invaluable information to the gardener. Also plant lists can easily be created by customers and sent directly to our plant manager by email, and we have definitely picked some business up here.”
Nick Haydon, Fakenham Garden Centre , Norfolk

>Respect< for our ‘Text & Image Library’ (webshop photos&data)

“We have worked with Joy of Plants since launching the Cedar Nursery website on Shopify almost two years ago. The online tools enable us to easily update our plant list with both descriptions and images to ensure our customers have the information they need to select a plant. With an ever-changing stock list of plants on our website, we needed a solution to quickly and easily maintain and update the site content, and Joy of Plants provides just that. They have also been extremely responsive in dealing with any questions or issues we have had since launch.”
Angela Southall, Cedar Nursery , Surrey