Bed Cards: The “Silent Salesforce”

Our sales-oriented ‘BuyMe’ Bed card style
  • Go to our online tool (in Google Chrome browser), find a plant, Print!
  • Print bed cards only when you need them
  • to Outdoor blanks (PET/PVC recyclable)
  • on Laser & Inkjet printers
  • 35-50p/print, Pay As You Go or Subscribe (for annual invoicing)
  • 14,000+ UK plants

“Garsons were searching for a solution to our bed cards. We were delighted when ‘Joy of Plants’ bed cards became available.

“The system is very simple to use. In the first few weeks we have produced over 750 A5 plant information cards – and new plants are being added all the time.

“I would highly recommend this system to other Garden Centres and Nurseries.”

Ben Thompson, Director, Garsons Garden Centre

So simple: just log on, find a plant, and Print

Joy of Plants Bed Card UI screenshot

Various options to suit your style

Joy of Plants Bed Card types

Print and Display options to suit everyone

Outdoor blanks start around 40p (from eg Dura-ID and Bluepoint Tags & Labels); modern desktop inkjets (with UV-ink) are less than £150, and buying before April 2023 has a significant tax advantage .

Read more about Print options

Most garden centres use standalone bed card holders, or strips (called “label tracking”) screwed to benches.

Read more about Display options

Some of our bed card customers…

Bed card customers

“The ‘Joy of Plants’ bed card software is what I have waited 15 years for. Finally an easy-to-use piece of software with relevant photos… I can’t see why every plant retailer won’t sign up within a year or so.”

Andrew Porwol, Sapcote Garden Centre

Come and try for free:

  • it’s web-based, so no software to install
  • you just need Google Chrome web browser (free to download) and a printer
  • Go to (no payment or details required)
  • any staff member can use it – find a plant and press ‘Print’ - first 10 prints free; if you like it, try Pay As You Go, and check the guide to ‘Print options’ above

Government super-deduction for investment in plant and machinery

Great news – the Government’s 2021 budget includes a 130% super-deduction, designed to encourage businesses to invest in plant and machinery and IT equipment. This is a significant tax deduction when buying (before April 2023) a printer for use with our bed card printing services.

Read all about it on the Government website here.

Check with your accountant to see whether and how the super-deduction applies to your business.