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Adding ‘new plant’ data to our tools

If you’re a grower, with a plant we haven’t caught up to yet, you can enter the data yourself. It’s quick and easy:

  • for individual plants, find a similar variety in our Bed Card tool, click “Add Plant Like This”, and update any data for your new plant.

  • if you have several plants to add, contact us, and you can upload a spreadsheet of plant data.

This means:

  • Your clients, the retailers, can immediately print Bed cards for this plant, increasing plant sales

  • Customers can encounter your plant in our Plant Finder, on client websites and in Plant Area kiosks, again increasing plant sales

There is another significant benefit too:

  • Whenever any of our Garden Centre customers encounter this plant in our Bed card tool, they will see your name as the contributor, highlighting you as a likely supplier to go to.

Some of the country’s biggest nurseries, including Whartons, Wyevale and Fairweathers, are already putting their new plant data into our tools, for these reasons.

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