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  Plant Info QR code

QR codes are like barcodes that you scan with your phone to get access to more information on something. Scan this one and take a look!

At Joy of Plants we've created a QR code for every plant in our database - each QR code gives access to a 'Plant Info' webpage of complete details for that plant.

We supply them free, for anyone to use. You can add them to your plant labels, point-of-sale, website and other publications. You can add them to any kind of plant label, by any manufacturer, as there are no restrictions on use.

You can download a single QR code, or upload your plant list, match it to plants in the Joy of Plants database, and download the QR codes for your matched plant list.

Atkiro Ltd are using our QR codes on labels for their Starter Garden Plants, see


Screenshots of 'Plant Info' webpages

Joy of Plants Plant Info page 1 Joy of Plants Plant Info page 2 Joy of Plants Plant Info page 3 Joy of Plants Plant Info page 4


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