Phone apps

Plant Finder app for Mobiles & Tablets

For plant professionals & serious gardeners, our easy-to-use plant finder app can help you find the right plants wherever you are.

Plant Finder app - UI

Get the ‘web app’ for Android/other phones & tablets

Download at

With the Web app you can log into your Joy of Plants app from the internet browser on any phone, tablet or PC/Mac; your Favourites and My Garden list are shared between them without the need to sync devices.

The Web app requires an internet connection.

Get the iOS app for iPhones/iPads

Plant Finder app - iOS

With the iOS app you can Sync your Favourites & My Garden list between your iPhone and iPad via iCloud (make sure Documents & Data are set to ‘On’) or your PC/Mac.

You can use your app offline, without an internet connection.

(The iOS app and Web app are separate apps and cannot be synced together.)