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Plant Finder app for Mobiles & Tablets

For plant professionals & serious gardeners, our easy-to-use plant finder app can help you find the right plants wherever you are.

Plant Finder app - UI

Get the app, for Apple, Android and other phones & tablets

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Use this “Web app” from the internet browser on any phone, tablet or PC/Mac (or save it as an icon on the Home Screen of your phone/tablet); your Favourites and My Garden list are shared between them without the need to sync devices.

The app requires an internet connection.

Garden Centre website Plant Finders

The Plant Finder on all our clients’ websites will work on mobile phones and tablets. Using the Plant Finder on a garden centre’s website:

  • you’ll be able to find plants from the plant range they sell

  • you’ll be able to send an enquiry about a particular plant direct from the Plant Finder

As well as many individual garden centres, the following garden centre groups have our Plant Finder on their website and may have a store near you:

Nationwide (UK): Blue Diamond , Klondyke & Strikes

Kent: Millbrook , Grovewell

East Sussex: Blackbrooks , Tates of Sussex

Surrey: Longacres , Garsons

London & Berks/Herts: Capital Gardens

Dorset: Groves Nurseries , Haskins

Essex: Perrywood , Longacres

Cambridgshire: Scotsdales

Norfolk: Highway

Lincolnshire: Pennells

Staffordshire & Derbyshire: Planters

West Yorkshire: Tong

Ireland: Arboretum