About Joy of Plants

Joy of Plants is led by Terri Jones and Susan A. Tindall. Joy of Plants publishes information about plants to help others learn about them and grow with them. See www.joyofplants.com

This blog contains the musings of Susan and Terri on the plants that they live with and love.

History when Terri met Susan, Joy of Plants was the result

Terri and Susan met in 2008 at an art event – the Henley Arts Trail. They discovered a mutual love of plants and cats. Susan commissioned Terri to draw her cat Derek, and over cups of tea they talked about plants, books and designing websites and applications so that they’re easy to use. When Susan’s publishing house Plant Press Ltd was closed in January 2010, they started talking about publishing plant info together… and Joy of Plants was born. They soon started work on designs for a web-based Plant Finder and iPhone application.

Development of the Joy of Plants plant information and technologies never stops – new plants and new technologies are growing around us all the time!

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