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The Green Shoots of the Imagination

Piss-a-bed and friend

Piss-a-bed and friend

In my garden the green shoots of spring thrust up amongst the opulent pale swathes of tulip foliage. There are also shiny green stems bearing pointed, shiny leaves that are tinged with mahogany and climb rapidly up in the world. These are of course couch grass and bind weed both of which flourish in my garden despite my feeble attempts at eradicating them. In the corner of my neighbour’s garden I can see a spreading colony of ground elder. It is the far side of their lawn but am sure it is capable of a giant leap.

A friend recently made this comment about my garden – to a third party: “Sue’s garden was less disorganised than usual.” I fiercely resent this. I am NOT disorganised. I am a highly organised person. My garden is well planned and functional. It is just, like me, somewhat unkempt, its hair isn’t combed – in fact, there are weeds growing out of it. I could keep on top of it. I could pull up these weeds for an hour each day and regularise the growth and disposition of my plants. I could insist that they maintain their allocated spaces.

Push comes to shove however there is always the allure of that new project. There is always some area that needs attention, the re-working of a bed or two. Anthony says: “Your garden is like Heathrow Airport, there is always some part under redevelopment.” And that is it really. The imagination gets to work on new possibilities, and on new and interesting plants. It is that world of a virtual garden that has raised its head – a pernicious weed itself, and occupies the time that could be spent in attaining that perfect and harmonious garden. There’s a life lesson in there somewhere.

Susan A. Tindall

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